Products Liability Defense

The term “product” is broad, but it typically refers to tangible property. When a person is harmed by an unsafe product, he or she may have reason to take legal action against those who designed, manufactured, sold or even furnished the product.

The defense attorneys at Waddell, Cole & Jones represent manufacturers, designers, suppliers, distributors, marketers and retailers facing products liability claims, including:

  • Tractor rollovers
  • ROPs (rollover protection systems)
  • Rolling steel mill designs
  • Tire defects
  • ATV design defects
  • Vehicle defects
  • Medication and pharmaceutical defects
  • Lemon law claims
  • Industrial accidents

The most common types of claims involve negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability and consumer protection. If such a matter arises in your business, it is crucial that you contact an experienced products liability attorney immediately.

At Waddell, Cole & Jones, our experience is not only on a local level—we’ve represented a number of clients across the nation and around the world, including Japanese firms with operations in Arkansas.

We will first research and analyze the claim against you, then develop a defense strategy based on our findings and your best interests. Rest assured that we will explain everything clearly, especially your rights and options. 


Paul D. Waddell


Kevin W. Cole